Alienware Aurora gaming desktop R12

Alienware Aurora gaming desktop pc R12 is a great best gaming PC

Alienware Aurora gaming desktop R12 is a great best gaming PC. Relying on Nvidia’s graphics card, it has tremendous gaming power.

Alienware Aurora gaming desktop review: 

Alienware Aurora ar 12. This is my favourite gaming machine. After spending $ 4,000 and maximizing almost every single feature on this machine. Before buying a very powerful but quite expensive gaming machine. You have to give a complete breakdown of everything you need to know. We now know what was and is not important to get the best-optimized gaming performance.

Alienware Aurora gaming desktop R12
Alienware Aurora R12 is a best gaming PC in 2021

Alienware Aurora gaming desktop R12

So before you buy this machine, make sure you stay close to our full spec recommendations. We will also review the very popular Eleanor keyboard and mouse.


The model we got is the 11th General Intel i9 eight-core processor with a 3.5 GHz base and thermal velocity boost up to 5.3 GHz but have we ever got 5.3. We will talk a little bit about that here. It got a Super High Demand Super Powerful Nvidia RT X3090 graphics card with 24GB G DDR 6x video RAM. Then the 32GB DDR for RAM. Stick around as we solve some heating problems and RAM BIOS profile which some people were talking about.

Alienware Aurora Design

About the Alienware Aurora design and quality internal performance and gaming benchmark. Heat the test fan noise test, we will take you through really great advanced Alienware command centre control. We will show you some great tips and tricks and finally take our machine.

Alienware Aurora advantages and disadvantages

You need to be aware of this before allocating all the money to this expensive machine. Okay, so starting with the design on the right side of our lunar light version. We got a stencil Alienware Aurora best gaming looking Awesome logo with a horizontal Eleanor logo with artistic bottom corners that are very stylish and bold and eye-catching aura.
The other side is offset and the slightly hung soft edge is filled with hexagonal vents. The overall form of the body is like. A wedge in size and the back is thick and long and aerodynamically extends to the front with a narrower, and shorter edge and the front edge. This is my favourite part, especially in the lunar light version.

This glittering ring personally looks gorgeous. Alienware designs correctly in my opinion, the fact that Alienware performs best is secondary. You can pull the fan to release it and you only have to pull on two locks.

About Alienware Aurora gaming desktop

Inside it is a heatsink next to the liquid-cooled CPU and then on the right. we have the DDR for the RAM slots, capable of holding up to 128GB. Then below is the glorious custom Alienware Aurora gaming desktop Size RT x 3090 graphics card which is a little smaller than the standalone version of this card. But despite the size, it worked quite well with the performance that we’ll talk a little bit about here. The AR12 is more efficient and as a result, has an 8% reduction in temperature compared to the previous model.

Okay, so this thing for ports is the Mac Daddy of the port. It has 15 USB ports on the front. We got three USB 3.2 ports under one USB C port and then a headphone and microphone jack for the rear ports. We got two digital audio inputs, a Toslink and a parallel Ethernet jack with six USB 2.0 ports. General two Type C ports and a USB 3.2 below it General Two ports say that 10 times faster These two have power share The next three USB 3.2 General one port and A Sound output around the bottom A side rear and sub output and then a microphone jack and There are three display ports and an HDMI port lined up and out.

So interesting for the sign bench here for the performance and gaming benchmark is that we got a CPU multi-core score of 9307. and a CPU single-core score of 1156. And a CPU score of 8377. For Geekbench Five we got a single-core score of 1742 and a multicore score of 9335.

Alienware Aurora gaming performance

Here are our results in maximum preset settings at 10 ADP per game and here our results for every game including 4k thermal have insane power with 1000 watt power supply in the machine. Here’s the temperature we got with each game in the highest graphics preset settings. Considering some of the allegations I was reading online. I was actually quite impressed I assumed that the liquid cold CPU of those who were making these allegations was not like mine.  So for the sound of the fan, these fans have to work quite hard to get all this heat out so they are quite loud.
I’ve seen people comment that you need to replace stock fans to get all this heat out but I didn’t have that experience.

Although the fans are quite loud. When the computer was lazy. It was about 45 decibels while we got about 58 decibels while playing a game in performance mode and then when I created my own custom profile and pushed the fans towards 100% whereas with my own custom profile things got louder at full speed. Decibels it’s quite loud.

So the official Eleanor keyboard and mouse I must say that the quality and responsiveness of the keyboard and mouse and the top RGB lighting is extremely bright and overall a great experience.


Alienware Aurora gaming key is they have a gentle but firm and confident feeling. There is a little more noise in the spacebar. It’s kind of tiny and sounds a bit light, a bit loose but the rest of them look really great. Just that spacebar is a little louder than I expected. I really like the customization features and the Eleanor Command Center but what I really like the most is the keypress animation.

So you can get it where any button turns colour or form into a different colour or practices keypress reactive breathing per keypress spectrum.

Alienware Aurora keyboard

It’s a very nice one where it basically responds based on what you press and then the single colour rain basically radiates from wherever you hit. The rainbow drops here are different colour versions every time you hit it. That’s pretty cool. The arrows go across the keyboard based on where you hit it. bio works are one of my favourites, basically, an awesome stalk whatever you press is really cool.

Then the single colour wave of the rainbow rain, that’s really a cool scanner and you can change all these colours by the way, and then the X-rays which basically hit you a button. It just makes a little x. And then there’s the kind of flashing that’s really great across all of this. The colour effects on the mouse are also quite great.

There aren’t many animations on it but there are some cool looks. you can do it in a colour that you can spectrum on them. I really like this physical volume control on the keyboard. Overall a really high-quality keyboard costs $160, yes because if you are going to get a machine that is this nice $3000 $ 4,000 machine. you can also get a keyboard that syncs perfectly to look perfect next to it.  and just gives you a complete Alienware experience overall.

Why Alienware Aurora best gaming desktop

If it were any other computer I would say save your money. Because since it is an Alienware computer the reason it is a high-quality machine. you don’t want to carry a red dragon keyboard as I got.  before, you want to get a beautiful keyboard even looking at good quality Just want to have that night and day this red dragon looks more like a piece of junk than my Alienware Aurora gaming desktop. The number one pro on this computer here is designer Alienware.

I really like the Alienware Aurora gaming desktop. I love their sci-fi look and this is probably my favourite Alienware Auror design so far. And of course, my favourite part of the design is the effect of light on the front air intake. The number two pro is performance. You will be amazed at how fast this computer is. Even at 4k gaming. I was getting some good frames per second for some games. My number three pro is the customizability which was really easy to access the interior of this machine. It was really easy to adjust the elevator effects lighting and overclocking and un devoting settings overall as well as the user friendly.

You may want to pass Machine

Number One, it is very expensive. Some of you may say that it is extra valuable. The graphics card for the version I got with the RT x 3090 graphics card. The same price of this computer is so hot right now. those graphics cards are crazy now. So in my opinion, it’s worth it if you have it.

My number two reason is the fan sound and performance gaming mode at around dec5 decibels. It’s not very quiet so don’t expect a quiet gaming experience. And don’t expect your wife to be happy if she deserves light sleep.

Number three which I didn’t expect from Eleanor. when I tried to create my own profile at 5.0 GHz 5.1 at 5.2. and especially 5.3 GHz every time I played a game in the past 5.0 GHz. My machine crashes every time I start playing.

So I don’t know if there is any magic setting between overclocking and un devoting. But I couldn’t cross the 5.0 GHz without the blue screen. So hopefully there is going to be an update in the future where it won’t crash my machine.

so we’ll see but overall it’s still really fast still super fast. Now if I slim down some specs to save money but still have a great experience. You can save even more money by getting the minimum amount of RAM from Dell.

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