Best Cheap Gaming Keyboard Under $50

The Best Cheap Gaming Keyboard Under $50 That You Will Love

Are you looking for the best cheap gaming keyboard? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here we have listed some of the best cheap gaming pc keyboards that are available in the market under $50.

I was looking for a new gaming keyboard and I found this article that had a list of the best cheap gaming keyboard under $50. The first one had good reviews and it looks like a great buy.

best cheap gaming keyboard

So, you want to buy a new gaming keyboard, but all the options are too expensive? Well, don’t worry because we’ve got your back. We’ve compiled a list of the best cheap gaming keyboards that won’t break the bank. These affordable keyboards feature everything gamers look for in their peripherals including customized key functions and ergonomic designs. From mechanical switches to LED lighting effects, these keyboards offer every feature gamers need at an unbeatable price point.

How to find the best cheap gaming keyboard under $50

A lot of people crave cheap gaming keyboards because not everyone can easily afford the more expensive ones. When it comes to gaming and the keyboard, you should know that it is an instrument and an essential tool in playing games. It is a must-have item for any gamer. And so, if you are looking for a gaming keyboard on a budget, this article will help you find the one that will suit your needs.

I’m a consumer tech review, and today I’m going to be counting down the top five mechanical keyboards under 50 bucks. I will be going from the worst to the best of the best, and number five ain’t even the point during the article. If you want to check out any of the five keyboards in this article, Amazon links are below for the country. I do get you guys. Let’s jump into number One.

Top 5 Best Cheap Gaming Keyboard Under $50

01. Ractous RTK63 Mechanical gaming keyboard

let’s move on to the number one spot, the rectus RT k 63. You guys have never heard me talk about this one before, but it is super budget-friendly. Coming in at just 39 bucks right now normally retails for 45. But right now, it’s 39 bucks. Ridiculous. Now build quality is pretty generic. It’s very similar to the gK 61. Although this is not a 60%, it’s just a little bit bigger than a 60% with those arrow keys, but it feels solid. Everything’s well put together, but besides that, you can also get this in white or black, which is just a nice thing to customize yourself. This thing is using our template switches.

Best Cheap Gaming Keyboard Under $50

pc for gaming

I recommend getting the Reds for this keyboard instead of any other switch. The other switches will be nice, but I think the Reds will feel the best on this keyboard, But the big thing with this is the stabilizers are good at this price point like amazing probably the best stabilizers at this price point I’m only 39 bucks craziness that’s why this is number one because the typing feel and experience is premium for this price point. After all, the stabilizers and the switches, everything feels freaking good again; remember 39 bucks we’re doing under 40 now I have the red switches, and this is how it sounds.

Best Cheap Gaming Keyboard Under $50

And that is how it sounds. RGB is surprisingly good. It is perky lighting. It’s got fantastic vibrancy and really good brightness. It’s got a lot of deep reds, a lot of deep blues, a lot of deep greens, so that’s cool. Unfortunately, it is not hospitable, but it does use a detachable USB C for connection which is awesome.


02. Tecware Phantom 87 Mechanical Keyboard.

Best Cheap Gaming Keyboard Under $50 pc for gaming

On to the number two spot, this is a keyboard, you guys know. I love tech wear Phantom 87. This is a keyboard coming in, and only 46 bucks are now; this might be the best build quality on the list. Everything is well put together. It is heavy. It has a fantastic metal deck on the top. But beyond all of that, it looks clean and has a nice Phantom logo on the front. The fit and finish and plastics and metal they use are just high quality and the best build quality on the list.

Tecware Phantom 87 Mechanical Keyboard

Now, this does use template switches, and you can either pick from red-brown or blue switches, and this is how it sounds with brown switches, and that is how it sounds.

Now, this does have perky RGB lighting and is brighter than your typical keyboard again kind of modes perky lighting everything you want. I know this is hot-swappable but only with other templates, so really, if a switch breaks or you want to switch it to like a brown switch from Red switch, you can do that, but you can’t hot-swap in any other types of switches. But besides that, this does not have a detachable cable, but it does have three different cable channels that you can have it come out in different ways, so that’s cool.

03. Royal Kludge RK61 Mechanical  Gaming Keyboard RGB Backlit.

Best Cheap Gaming Keyboard Under $50

pc for gamingI’m moving to the number three spot; this is the Royal College RK 61 RGB and the hot-swappable versions. Now, this is still budget-friendly, but I go a bit over budget with this one at 51 bucks. which is why it’s the number three spot and not the number one spot, and it is the most expensive keyboard on the list. I swear I won’t go over again; the build quality is good. Typical royal clutch, it’s solid, it’s heavy, everything fits together nicely. It is nice. I know the switches are nice I’m not sure if they are going to run or kale switches rail clutch has both companies make their switches for them and then brands them as well clutch, so I’m not sure; however, you are getting a higher quality switch than something like an out tempo switch, so that is nice. I have this in brown, and this is how it sounds.

Best Cheap Gaming Keyboard Under $50

That is how it sounds. I know that does have perky lighting. It’s got a bunch of different modes.

I don’t have the RGB version; I have the static single colour version, but again it’s only 51 bucks to get the RGB version with hot-swap ability, and like I said, this is fully hotspot with three and five-pin switches, so if you want to put a bunch of different switches inside of it like tangerines, or kale switches or anything that you want this is hot-swapped with three and five and switches so you can hot-swap them right in there which is awesome and a huge pro, and it does use a detachable USB C for connection.

04. Lunar Alloy PK001 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

Best Cheap Gaming Keyboard Under $50 That You Will Love

best pc for gaming

On to the number fours by this is another keyboard under 50 bucks. The lunar alloy pK double o one this keyboard is awesome. It was coming in at only 40 bucks. This has got extremely good build quality, very, very premium, and has aircraft-grade aluminium on the top with these machined edges, which look awesome again all metal all-aluminium, super nice everything fits together nicely. It is very, very refined, more than you would think. Alright, now the switches. This uses either read-out template switches or blues-out template switches on this keyboard. I recommend the Reds because this sounds like really good stock, which is awesome, especially if you added Pvt. keycaps to this. It would sound exceptionally good; here is the sound test.

And that is how it sounds. I know the RGB is not perky lighting is only one effect, and it’s just static like that. So you cannot change the RGB; however, you’re getting less with the RGB, but you’re getting more with everything else, which is why this is on the number four spot; however, the consistent RGB that it has is good vibrancy very bright, and it looks pretty it is not swappable, and it does not have a detachable cable. Still, it does have a nice ultra-light style like a loosely braided cable which is nice.

05. Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 

 Best Cheap Gaming Keyboard Under $50 pc for gaming

That is the Red Dragon K552 to RGB coming in at just 43 bucks. It is super budget-friendly and under 50 bucks. Build quality is really good. This thing is heavy; it uses a very solid top metal plate. If you try to stand up and flex this thing, there is absolutely none. It is very, very solid. The bottom is a plastic shell, but it’s a high-quality plastic shell. Overall no problems with the bill calling, and it feels very solid to type on. I know the switches you can only get a one switch with this which is Altenew blue switches. These will be a loud, clicky tactile switch if you get into mechanical keyboards or a tactile and loud keyboard. You’re going to like this. It’s great for typing, and it’s fantastic for somebody that likes a satisfying click; here is the sound test.

Ambanis out sounds. I know there is perky RGB lighting; the RGB is good, and as good vibrancy is got a bunch of different modes, and it’s much brighter than you would expect. This is not hot-swappable, and it does not have a detachable USB cable. Although it does have nice gold plating, and it is a pretty nice rubber raft cable.

The best cheap gaming keyboards under $50!

Again, guys, you want to check out any of the five keys in this article, there are Amazon links below for the country. I do get you guys. But yeah, these keyboards are seriously awesome 50 bucks; some of them, like the Royal kludge, is fantastic to upgrade; I went a little bit over budget there because you have the hot-swap ability, but I will say those stabilizers need some work done to them to make them sound and feel like the number one spot and only 39 bucks.

Hence, if you guys don’t want to upgrade your stuff and you don’t even need the hot-swappable ness of it, then go with the number one spot to practice RTK 63, just an amazing keyword; I was blown away with it. But yeah, if you guys enjoyed this review and it helps you out, help me out and throw like below. If you enjoy the top five Best Cheap Gaming Keyboard Under $50 That You Will Love, peripheral reviews, keyboard reviews, I do many of those. The Top 5 Gaming Keyboards For Gamers On the Budget.

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