best motherboard for gaming pc

best motherboard for gaming pc in 2021

What is the best motherboard for a gaming pc in 2021?

The best gaming motherboards from the top Intel and AMD chipsets. So this post is going to be a guide on how to select the best motherboard for a gaming pc.

A motherboard is the main printed circuit board of a computer to which all instruments are connected. The motherboard houses most of the computer’s components, including the central processing unit (CPU), graphics processing unit (GPU), memory, and peripherals. It often has an onboard processor that lacks some of the features found in CPUs but is more affordable.

what’s the best motherboard for gaming pc

Buying the best motherboard for a gaming pc is important because it will be used for our gaming computers. A gamer should choose a motherboard that has good quality, speed, and compatibility with other devices to get the most out of their game playing experience.

Before you buy the best motherboard for a gaming pc, there are some things you need to know. To choose the best motherboard for a gaming pc, you should pay attention to the processor socket, integrated graphics card type, memory support, and maximum memory support. Also, you need to know what differentiates your selected motherboard from others of the same model number.

How I choose the best motherboard for gaming pc

Before buying a motherboard for a gaming pc you should know the type of processor that will be installed. For example, motherboards for game consoles with Intel processors are not compatible with AMD processors.

best motherboard for gaming pc

I want to share with you my experience of choosing the best motherboard for a gaming pc. I have been looking at different models of motherboards from several manufacturers and checked a lot of forums, reviews, and descriptions. As a world-leading motherboard manufacturer, MSI always strives to bring the best quality product into the market. “Clean and stable” is our motto for motherboard design. And we will constantly develop new technologies on components and materials to keep improving ourselves. I made a list of 3 motherboards that seemed the most interesting to me. Then, after some time looking at all their features, I decided on one of them

How you can choose the best motherboard for gaming pc example:

  1. Form Factor.
  2. Processor Socket.
  3. RAM (Random Access Memory)
  4. Choose the right chipset.
  5. Choose a board with flexible host bus speeds
  6. PCI Slots
  7. Features
  8. SATA

What motherboard is best for gaming pc?

The MSI Z590 PRO Wi-Fi is an excellent motherboard for most gamers. MSI Z590 PRO Any Intel can power a gaming rig. For gamers using AMD CPUs, our top overall pick is the Asus TUF Gaming X5700-Plus Wi-Fi, an excellent, durable motherboard using the latest AMD chipset.


Quick Shopping Motherboard Tips

When choosing a gaming motherboard, consider the following:

You can choose the best gaming CPUs from Intel or AMD. But no matter which processor you choose, make sure your board has the right sockets to support it. Recent mainstream AMD chips use AM4 CPU sockets while LGA 1200 sockets are required for Intel’s 10th General and 11th General Core CPUs.

Small board = slots and features

Motherboards come in three main shapes see our diagram and explanation of the parts of the motherboard for more information. From the large and smallest, there are ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX. (Yes, smaller than mini micro). You can use a small chassis with a micro or small board. However, sometimes you have to pay for a few spaces for the RAM slot and other connectors to expand the card. Pay for the built-in Wi-Fi and high-end port if you need to. If you use Ethernet, don’t spend extra on wireless. With USB 1.1 General 2 and/or Thunderbolt support, you can prove the future of your PC.

Why would I buy the best gaming motherboard for pc?

You’ve decided to upgrade your computer and you want to buy a gaming motherboard. You might not know what to consider when buying one, so be sure to keep these things in mind:

1. Buy a motherboard that is compatible with your CPU

2. Make sure the motherboard supports the number of rams it can hold

3. Consider the

The motherboard is the main part of any computer. It plays a vital role in determining how well or how poorly your system will perform. If you are looking to get your hands on the best gaming motherboard for money, this article is for you.

#1- Best PCIe SSD

#2- Best DDR4 RAM

For gaming, you need a motherboard that can support all the things you want to do. The best motherboard for a gaming pc will have more USB ports, HDMI ports and other ports for connecting devices such as mice and keyboards. It should also be compatible with your processor and graphics card.

Best budget motherboard for gaming pc

One of the most important parts that any PC gamer should buy is a motherboard. It is essential in connecting all the components and making sure that they work together smoothly. Finding the best budget motherboard pc for gaming, however, can be tricky.

The best budget motherboard for gaming pc is the Asus B150i Pro Gaming/WiFi/Aura. Which has a few features that make it stand out among other motherboards. For example, its integrated Aura lighting system can be customized to change colours and patterns according to your preference.

Top 5 best motherboard for gaming pc in 2021


1. ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming ATX  Motherboard 

we’re going to be taking a look at the RRG Strix x 570 e gaming motherboard from a Seuss. Now, this is not intended to be a review rather it’s just a quick unboxing and overview. So that you can see what you get when you purchase this board. So with that in mind, let’s get started being based around the all-new AMD x 570.

best motherboard for gaming pc

latest AMD generation

Rog x570 chipsets this board supports all of the latest AMD third-generation. Ryzen CPUs up to and including the gigantic 39 50x The packaging is pretty standard for a Rog motherboard. It looks pretty much like every other Rog motherboard viewing just a black and red cardboard box. When you lift the top you’re greeted and welcomed to the Republic by some text on the little box that contains the included Wi-Fi antenna. The board is snugly situated inside the main box and protected by an anti-static bag. Removing the board reveals all of the accessories beneath including a user manual. Some SATA cables, some Rog swag, a thank you card, some cable ties, and RGB extension cables.

Being part of the RRG Republic of Gamers Strix family of products. This board delivers the usual jam-packed feature set and gorgeous futuristic styling from the RGB implementation to the heat sinks and design of the PCB. The M four-socket is unobstructed and generally easy to access which should result in an easy installation of your CPU coolers and water blocks.

ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming performance

ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming performance

AMD multi-core processors

This board is no slouch when it comes to power delivery utilizing a 12 plus four power stage design capable and delivering sufficient power for all of the latest AMD multi-core processors. The power components sit under dual heat sinks connected by an eight-millimetre heat pipe to help keep things running cool.

CPU power

There are two CPU power connections up at the top of the board including eight and four-pin connectors. The X 570 chipset is covered by a massive heatsink that includes an active integrated cooling fan. The two m dot two slots on the board are also covered by heat sinks and these are removable to allow you to access the slot to install a drive just by removing a single screw.

supports the PCI Express 4.0

This board fully supports the PCI Express 4.0 interface. There are three PCI Express time 16 slots, and two times one slot. The upper two slots are reinforced while the lower slot and times one slot are not RAM slots are pretty standard and are just laid out in a typical four slot dual-channel configuration.

SATA ports

There are a total of eight-six gigabits per second SATA ports on this board. I like having a lot of SATA ports. Because as a content creator and a gamer, I go through storage like crazy. So it’s nice to have the additional ports to just add in drives as you need them. Onboard audio comes in the form of supreme effects with dual amplifiers 120 decibel signal to noise ratio. Stereo playback output, and 113-decibel signal to noise ratio recording input. There are lots of fan headers on this board including dedicated options for your CPU coolers allow fans, water pumps, and regular case fans.

sensor connector

There are also two aura RGB headers to addressable Gen two RGB headers and a temperature sensor connector. The rear I o panel comes with a pre-installed stylish metal backplate that includes a nice black finish and an Asus ROG logo. Back here you’ll find all of your external connections including display port, HDMI, USB ports, optical audio jacks, and network ports.

This board also has integrated dual-band 2.4 and five gigahertz Wi-Fi to help keep you connected wirelessly. If that’s your thing, so let me know in the comments what you think about this a Seuss r o g Strix x 570 e gaming motherboard for the AMD am four platforms. ASUS ROG Strix X570 on of the best motherboard for gaming pc. I’m going to be using this in an upcoming build. I’m not going to tell you which CPU I’m putting in it yet.

Best budget motherboard for gaming pc

take a bit of a look at the RRG streaks to be 550 f gaming Wi-Fi. But as usual, let’s get the motherboard out of the box. So we can take a bit of a closer look at all of the other things that come with this brand new motherboard.

Asus ROG Strix B550-F Gaming (WiFi 6) AMD

First off, we’ve got this is the Wi-Fi six or the Wi-Fi x antenna. This is a pretty standard antenna for most Acer boards. Next up we’ve got this addressable RGB adapter cable.

There’s also a set of SATA or SATA cables for your 2.5 inches SSDs or your spinning rasterizer. Also pretty standard edition. There’s a mounting gear for the two m dot two slots on this board. Which we’ll take a little bit of a look at a little bit later.

cable management for PC

There are also some zip ties. Yes, these are called zip ties, not tweezers. They’re either called zip ties or cable ties, to be honest, but yeah, someone tried to call them tweezers and I was a little bit confused.

I’ve never heard that term before. But yeah, there’s it ties. There’s also this round circular plastic device with some files on it. You actually can’t access it anyway, please give us USB sticks. The more I complain, the more we’re going to get them eventually.

Next up, we’ve got this sheet of RRG strict stickers for those who dare See what I did there. Right, that’s the sticker if you couldn’t read that bit. And there’s also the motherboard quickstart guide.

Asus ROG Strix B550-F Gaming (WiFi 6) performance

This is just to help you with socketing the CPU and getting a stock colour on the motherboard. It’s pretty standard stuff here. There’s also this little card that is a welcome card that reads thank you for purchasing this RGB Strix product. You’ve been chosen by champions to learn more about our passion for gaming and to receive news about the latest RNG innovations and offers to check out. And armoury crate how vibrant you one-stop information hub on the Microsoft Store. Next up we’ve got the user guide is a handy bit of documentation. If you’ve never built it before or even if you’ve built it hundreds of times.

It shows you where everything is on the board or the BIOS settings and everything to get up and running. Alright, it’s time to unsheath that brand new motherboard. So we can take a bit of a closer look at the RG 550 gaming Wi-Fi first off we’ve got the front panel audio connector.

additional add-in card

There’s also a thunderbolt header if you have an additional add-in card to add Thunderbolt connectivity. There’s a 12-volt RGB header there’s a five-volt three-pin addressable RGB header. There are some sensor headers, there’s a PW m fan header, there are two USB 2.0 headers for legacy things like Agios and coolers and some more RGB types of stuff.

Front panel & SATA

There’s also another PW m fan connector and the front panel. the connector for oil lights. All used to be just to tell you that your PC is either on or to turn it on the six SATA or SATA ports for your 2.5 inches SSDs or your spinning rasterize. The USB 3.2 header.  also, a 24 pin power is connected to send all the juice to your brand new motherboard.

there’s also an array of LEDs for diagnostics. So instead of them having a postcode LED screen, they have these four lights to tell you what’s going on. There are a four-pin RGB header as well as two PW m fan connectors and towards. Top left or the right, if you’re looking at this clip, two APS power connectors. One’s an eight-pin and one is a four-pin this two by 16 size two PCIe slots on this board.

16 slots & VRM setup

The top one is a by 16 slots, the lower one or the one towards the centre is a buy for slot and there are three by one slot on the board as well because this is b 550. It doesn’t have an actively cooled chipset. It’s just got a giant heatsink on top to passively call the B 550 chipset the VRM setup on this board is a 12 plus two-phase digital VRM setup.

supports ryzen 3000

There’s a giant heatsink on the top side of the board and one that goes underneath the IO shield,  as well to help call all of those MOS FETs there’s a Standard aim for soccer that supports ryzen 3000 CPUs and above, he does not support the 3200 G or 3400 g however, it will support later AP use, there are two more PW m fan connectors next to the socket for the A-IO connector and a CPU fan connector. If we flip the board over, you’ll notice there’s not a lot going on back here. There’s the standard am for socket cooler mounting backplate.

best motherboard for gaming pc

Asus ROG Strix B550 look like

And yeah, that’s about it. But let’s speed it up a little bit and take the heat sinks off the empty slot. So we can take a little bit of a closer look at the M dot two setups. There’s an m dot two-slot towards the top which is a PCIe Gen four m dot two slot that will give you full speeds. Then towards the bottom is a PCIe Gen three and dot two slots this for DDR four Rams lottery support a total of 128 gigs of RAM at 4600 megahertz overclocked for re IO there’s a bunch of.

USB bus is a BIOS flashback button

There’s USB type C and USB 3.2. There’s 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet and some more USB, there’s a DisplayPort connector and an HDMI connector. If you were to be using an AP you there are antenna connectors for the Wi-Fi six or Wi-Fi x built-in. There’s also a 7.1 Digital surround sound with spiff and optical output and an integrated IO shield. But you know what time it is, it’s time to visit our friends over at peel cop and take off the single bits of plastic on the motherboard. So we can do some B roll and are you guys ready?

Gaming (WiFi 6) AMD

I hope you enjoyed this first look and overview of the Acer rug Strix b 550 f gaming Wi-Fi. We try and give you information that is relevant to purchasing a motherboard, the VRM. All that stuff isn’t that important. ultimately, it’s not going to change the experience of you using a motherboard. And that’s me being brutally honest guys about all this stuff a few years ago, no one even bothered talking about it. It’s just a nice topic to know stuff about. But ultimately, it doesn’t affect the quality of a motherboard for a regular user. The ASUS ROG STRIX B550-XE best motherboard for gaming pc an advanced mainboard with a mainstream AMD chipset.

I hope you enjoyed this article. What do you get now? 90 900k still, you got that? 90 900k and Zx TH 210. If a brand sends you 32 gigs of RAM that’s read for free. You don’t complain about it. You use it because it didn’t cost anything. Firstly, if someone wants to give me something I can use it to work. I’m going to take it exactly right.

3. Asus ROG Maximus XIII Hero – Intel Z590 ATX Gaming Motherboard

just a few short weeks ago, Intel announced the next-gen CPUs, Which hopefully will be the end of the 14-nanometer process. Unfortunately, those chips are still not quite ready. Nevertheless, the company motherboards are already coming to market. This right here is a Zed 590. A word from Zeus. It’s the RG Maximus 13 here, it’s a pricey beast. So let’s see what you get for your money.

best motherboard for a gaming pc


Let’s talk about it. So first off, this is a big board with plenty of features. It is ready for the 11th Gen Intel processors, but it also supposes the 10th Gen should you wish to use it before the next-gen CPUs are available. The smaller board is using 14 plus two teams to power stages rated at 90 amps. For that, you’ll have the two eight-pin power connections at the top. On the right-hand side, we’ll have four DIMM slots supporting dual-channel DDR for memory with speeds up to 5333 megahertz and a total maximum capacity of 128 gigabytes.

Crazy fast RAM

If you plan to go with some crazy fast RAM, Heading down aboard we finally have PCIe Gen four support. Welcome to the future Intel. As this is a high-end board. The top 2x 16 expansion slots are traced with PCI agent for providing you’re using one of the new Intel 11th Gen CPUs. While you don’t have enough links on the CPU to run two times X 16 graphics cards.

You will actually be able to run them in SLI in eight-plus eight modes. And as PCIe Gen four, you’d have similar bandwidth to 16 plus 16 equivalent on a PCIe Gen three. Moving further down, we have an extra time 16 slot and one time one slot in between.

Asus ROG Maximus XIII Hero - Intel Z590 ATX Gaming Motherboard

About chipset

These are wanted up to the Zed 590 chipset and running on PCIe Gen three talking about chipset. In this generation, Intel has doubled the number of lanes between the CPU, and the chipset. Now is a total of eight avoidings going up to PCIe Gen four. I guess they did it to keep the cost down for the traces. Regardless as we get a lot more IO and storage options. On this board, it is possible to install up to four under two drives, two of which support PCIe Gen four Do note that the top drive is only compatible with Intel 11th Gen CPU otherwise it will be disabled. On top of the M dot two drives, there are up to six sets of words there is one important detail.

water cooling setup

If you’re using all four m dot two drives in the last two-seater ports are actually disabled. As there are just simply not enough PCIe lanes to feed all components. It is not ideal for having an option is still preferred. Moving on to fans. This board is clearly suitable for a large water cooling setup. As it has six fan headers and two water pump headers. Also, we have sensors for temperature flow, water in water out basically you’re fully covered.

About RGB header and USB

Across the board, we also find three addressable RGB headers. This was one standard RGB header. On the right-hand side, we have the expected USB type C and USB type eight expansion port or some USB 2.0 at the bottom. To be honest, I don’t expect many people to use those except for the possibility of some RGB or fan controllers. For the tinkerers out there. There is the usual q led to help with troubleshooting as well as clear CMOS and bias flashback buttons. On the back, we have a nicely integrated bio plate with a whole lot of ports. The most notable ones include antenna connections for the latest WiFi six p, Jul 2.5 gigabit network ports, dual Thunderbolt four ports, as well as six USB 3.2 Gen two ports.

All in all, it’s good for gaming pc

And to top it all off, there is an RRG supreme Fx 7.1 surround sound. So this board clearly has something for everyone. We’ve got a massive amount of options in terms of storage, io, and cooling. I would say this amount of features is probably best suited for somebody who is building out a pic rig to do both gaming as well as some productivity tasks. My only concern is that Intel has reduced their maximum amount of cores on their latest CPUs down to eight does making this calibre motherboard potentially at the end. So anyone planning to build a high-end machine? Do you consider what you’ll be doing now? And in the next few years? I hope you found this useful.

4.MSI MPG B550 Gaming Edge WiFi AMD AM4 DDR4 M.2 USB 3.2 Gen 2 ATX Motherboard

So the gaming ages is one of MSI best mid-budget gaming boards sold at a sub $20 price tag it promises a lot of things and one of them is unprecedented performances. But you have to be careful with this series because it comes with a lot of baggage and last year I had reviewed the now-infamous x by 70 Gaming age. It was inadequately designed and its VRM was overheating at every turn and corner simply said it was a mess but MSI did improve its manufacturing processes lately and old question is, is its b 550 variant any better?

best motherboard for gaming pc

MSI MPG B550 Gaming motherboard review

Well, we’re reviewing with very requested mpg b 550 best motherboard for a gaming pc edge Wi-Fi from MSI an accuracy of sub $200 board which claims to please about the most demanding gamers out there’s whilst keeping an affordable price tag and voted the sexiest motherboard of the Year by Greek Orthodox priests in Greek monasteries.

performances MSI MPG

So MSI’s mpg lineup of motherboards is all about performances and the gaming age its stars is the most sold motherboard in that lineup. And the B 550 chipset is definitely a challenge because it does bring PCIe 4.0 into the equation, which in turn brings a higher cost of manufacturing which makes it harder to keep it below $200. And the only way you can do so is by focusing solely and only on performance-centric copings. Everything else on this motherboard is a second class citizen it’s also competing in a very busy market segment that is a sub $200 and he goes head to head against the excellent b 550 top gaming and the B 550 hours elite both of which I have reviewed and you should be checking if you haven’t done so just yet.

MSI MPG B550 Gaming Edge WiFi AMD AM4 DDR4 M.2 USB 3.2 Gen 2 ATX

The layout at x motherboard

Now starting with the obvious we are dealing with a six PCB layout at x motherboard which is a first for the gaming series and precisely what MSI needed to equip this motherboard for a perfect piece a 4.0 support and a better heat dissipation at VRM level and exactly what was missing on its x 570 variant CPU wise. It is powered by an am four CPU socket supporting both 3005 1000 series ryzen processors, in other words, be say 4.0 only CPUs which has it’s important since it will deliver double the bandwidth of the older PCIe 3.0 standard.

All Over the best motherboard for gaming pc

Obviously will have a definite impact on the day to day performances of your build VRM wise well that is where’s the beef 550 Gaming edge really did well. It was the exact same VRM already seen on its sibling, the B 500 Tomahawk again, which I had reviewed not so long ago and you should take a look at meaning 1260 amps power stages organized in 16 phases, five of which are CPU centric, that’s 600 amps of raw power to juice the most demanding processes a rising series can afford and squeeze every bit of hertz potential out of its overclocking abilities.

power surges are powerful

Obviously having 60 amps power surges is gloriously powerful. But having 600 being spread over this you Boris digits results. Also, in a higher footprint and to control that insane amount of heat MSI equipped the gaming edge. VRM was rather premium and extended heatsinks which do an impeccable job at keeping temperatures impressively low even when overclocking a 12 core processor. Additionally, both of our heat shields have a double thermobonded contract designed to provide individual heat dissipation for both our chokes and power stages.

MSI MPG features

Both of these features doped with six PCB layers gives us one of the most efficient CPU power delivery. The industry can have at full synthetic load the VRM remained at the core 40 degrees Celsius. Which is about the coolest you’ll get on the market today. Period. Obviously, this is exactly what MSI needed to do to make. This motherboard is a CPU screamer so this is my very first big expensive engineering kudos to MSI for this now taking a closer look at our b 550 chipsets. Since our CPU takes care of the PCIe 4.0. Heavy lifting to fit our most performant components the chipset can call for typically remain at PCI 3.0 standard without slowing down our build.

MSI MPG cooler

It also means it can remain much cooler with six watts of heat footprint instead of 11. So no need for a fan to keep it cool as seen on its x 570 counterparts. As a result, we got PCIe 4.0 bandwidth for the most performance-centric components of our board. No more need for a fan which means lower production costs now memory-wise MP GB 550 Gaming edge support up to 128 gigabytes of data from any dual-channel configuration, and clocking up to an unprecedented 5.1 gigahertz with ryzen Pro Series. But  this is a big butt just like mine, only if it runs on a single stick the more you

Five gigahertz

will populate your deem RAMs, the lower the clock will go. So if you really want to hit those five gigahertz and up, you’re going to have to go with more expensive higher density single stick Ram. If you put a second, third and fourth, you’ll be stuck at 3.6 gigahertz. Nothing more staying in the memory with two m dot two sarissa Drive sticks which can swap data up to 32 gigabits per second, but since our CPU fed and the two SATA drive supports.


PCIe 4.0 standard, he can swap data up to whooping 64 gigabits per second. Which is great for a boot drive in both cases are under two sarissa Drive sticks get really hot really quickly. Unfortunately, we have at least one long and thick heatsink equipped with a 0.5-millimetre thermal pad which does an amazing job at keeping it away from the ugly evil thermal throttling spaghetti monster.

Storage section

Now staying in the storage section is worth mentioning the presence of our usual somewhat obsolete but reliable six SATA 3.0 plugs which can deliver data up to a bottleneck of six gigabits per second. Obviously, I’m not a great fan of SATA three anymore. I wish we had another standard by the year 2021 not the case. But fine, I showed behave export wise was for PCIe exports to bachelors and 216 slots with different speeds as usually only the closest one to receive you can run up to 16 PCIe 4.0 lanes. Therefore, this is where you’d want your video card installed for optimal performance.

Best budget gaming motherboard

Hence the metallic reinforcement. Our second 16 slot is captured and only four-lane piece a 3.0 standard so not really suited for GPU intensive tasks but exactly what I expected for such a mid-budget gaming motherboard. Now back a wise first let me know the presence of an integrated padded backplate which is rather a premium and welcome feature at this price range.

CPU flashback button

Now starting from the left we have a CPU flashback button for a CPU less bias recovery or update a must to make it compatible with ryzen 5000 series motherboard without going around and trying to borrow or even buy a 3000 series to boot it up to USB second-generation plugs are display outputs for integrated graphics which both can support up to 4k 60 frames per second which I’ll keep an eye on with the new 5000 G Series of ryzen processors coming out with next generation of integrated graphics.

sizable upgrade coming from the X 570

Next, we have to five gigabit 3.2 generation USB plugs to 10 gigabit USB plugs including a Type C A 2.5 gigabit per second. Well LAN is a sizable upgrade coming from the X 570. The variant which was capped at one gigabit only our dual-band Wi-Fi six adapter able to transfer up to 2.4 gigabits per second making this board. Definitely a connectivity wonder and finally thankfully lc 1200 audio codec which despite being a mid-range codec. Heavily benefits from our six PCB layering since both left and right all the channels have been traced on dedicated PCB sheets two. That is a rather generous five nice icon capacitors. You have about the most premium audio experience. You can hope from an integrated audio system both in recording, and gaming overall is very well featured by a definite focus on connectivity and something which will definitely.

agreeable graphics

Benefit your gaming experience bias wise it is the same interface. We have been accustomed to for the past four years easy to navigate agreeable graphics, not much complained there. If it was not so buggy in EFI mode, the biases a stable. As soon as you dig in a little in the menus, they all turn into Chinese characters and freeze your system. Now the only fix for that is to switch from using to CSM bias early on when you’re booting and then things get much much more stable.

So yes MSI you get work ahead of you on this front.

It’s almost unforgivable coming from a company as much represented and prolific as yours was all your resources. Just fix it, please. Now moving on to our front panel connectors. We have two second-generation plugs great for monitoring of five-gigabit third-generation plug. The 10-gigabit type C front panel connector is pure luxury coming from a B Series motherboard cooling wise. We have eight PW m fans including a single dedicated water pump.

Airflows good quality

Obviously, this is more than you’ll need to provide your build was a bunch of airflows and good quality cooling. All that stuff but I really feel that maybe again hear me say one overboard and spend a little. But not too much of our money on way too many connectors. If they had gone the gigabyte road meaning hybrid connectors which can all support either by m fans, water pumps or even flow sensors. We would all have saved a few cents for you and us now troubleshooting wise we got our easy debugger to get us through the booting process which is what I expected to see on a PC 4.0 enable motherboard Finally, this would not be a gaming machine.

About this motherboard RGB

Motherboard without the usual RGB madness, which makes our lives so much more. Meaningful starting with a single RGB strip hidden under our chips. That it chilled and for RGB connectors scattered all over our board, including two addressable ones. In short, if your streaming career never really took off well at this. You have enough RGB to light your own solar system. Now in conclusion at 190 bucks before taxes, MSI mpg be 50 Gaming sci-fi is proof that when MSI puts its mine into something it can deliver.

MSI VRM is both powerful

It shows a real improvement coming from its hot mess of a sibling’s x 570 Gaming edge. VRM is both powerful and heat efficient. The very point where its x 570 variants so miserably failed. It is feature-rich and delivers a solid foundation for long-lasting products. It does deliver beyond its price range for sure. It’s verbatim exactly the very same motherboard. I had reviewed a few months ago would be 550 Tomahawk it’s pure product cannibalism and a bit lazy coming from MSI.

It’s a great motherboard

So yes, of course. It’s a great motherboard. It’s an amazing motherboard. You should start to rethink your strategy. and maybe propose fewer boards but with more distinctive qualities. Now they said the B 50. Gaming edge just like the B 52 miles is an excellent mid beach. Gaining board above the very best one you can have at this price tag and my advice to you, well get either of them either have one was available to you at the cheapest price at the time because that will only be the difference. The price and availability only

5.MSI MAG B560M Mortar Micro-ATX Gaming Motherboard

we’re going to be checking out the MSI b 560 m Mortar Wi-Fi. So as you can see this isn’t quite a full-size board, but it conforms to the micro 80x form factor. So if you’re wanting to build something which is condensed or compact for Intel’s 11th Gen, then this might be ideal.

MSI MAG B560M Mortar Micro Review

best motherboard for gaming pc

As well as that it features the slimmed-down b 560. chipset using b 560 means that it comes in at a lower price tag, which could suit some of you who are trying to keep to a strict budget. Even though this board is on the cheaper side and is smaller, it still brings in some interesting features such as USB 3.2, Gen two by two and Wi-Fi six II.

We’ve already hinted that this is a cheaper option, especially when you match it up to this Ed 590 platform. You guys can pick this board up here for around 170 in the US 150 in the UK, and then 260 in Australia. And so this is a nice and affordable option. And with that attractive price tag, it could be an ideal one for a move to rocket lake. The question is though, is there going to be any cutbacks? Are there going to be any compromises? Let’s find out.

Okay, so here we have mortar.

The design for this board is pretty simple. It doesn’t adhere to the popular or black or monochrome themes that we tend to see a lot of and instead, we have a base colour of black but with silver being a feature throughout the styling of the overall look is good. also, combined with other hardware very well. And unlike other boards, this one here lacks the integrated RGB, which will be music to the ears of some of you out there. I think it’s warranted for the colour scheme here. Plus it also allows MSI to keep those costs down Malta is a Micro ATX export as it is noticeably smaller than a standard 80x offering but it will allow you to create a smaller condense system, Malta uses LGA 1200.

support 11th Gen processes

So it has support there for both 10th and 11th Gen processes. But as always to get the most out of the platform, it is better to go with rocket lake. Now in terms of the CPU cooler compatibility, the mounting calls around the socket or in LGA 1151 alignment. So if you’ve got a cooler there for 1151, then it will fit just be sure to double-check with our cooling manufacturer to see if that cooler is going to provide ample thermal performance or in terms of the power delivery.

This is a higher-end MSI board

best motherboard for gaming pc

We have a 12 plus two plus one phase design and we get a digital PW m something you may expect to see on a higher-end MSI board covering the arms. We have the two heat sinks and in our web review, we discovered that both the VRM and the chips at cooling on this board are pretty good. So hats off to MSI for their efforts with this behind the top heatsink. We have the CPU power which is an eight-plus four-pin socket and in terms of the fan headers. There are a total of four at the top the bottom on the middle, which is a bit of a drawback but then this is something you may expect from a smaller board like this.

Dual-channel DDR for support up to 128 gig

Moving on to the memory we have dual-channel DDR for support up to 128 gigs and up to 5066 megahertz, this board uses MSI DDR for boost which effectively isolates that signal to the CPU why note to the DDR four-section we have a single USB 3.2 Gen two header and a USB 3.2 Gen one header down at the bottom of the board for your front panel connectivity. Moving on to the storage we have six SATA three-six ports for any database devices and then we have two m dot two slots with one of them being ready for PCI Express four and the other is PCI Express three.

if you want to go for a multi GPU?

We should say that Gen four is only available with a rocket Lake CPU and just the upper m dot two has a provided heatsink. If we take a look at the expansion area, we have one PCI Express for x 16 and one PCI Express 3x 16 with an x one in between the two the top slot is wider for the full 16 lanes if you want to go for a multi GPU configuration that mode is going to drop down to four and it is just AMD Crossfire that is supported. Now Nvidia SLI as well as best to use that top slot for a single card using an MSI is equipped with that top slot that you have the still armour for longevity to the immediate left of the PCI Express.

USB ports HDMI and DisplayPort

We have the audio solution which is based around the real tech ALCS 897 codec with our audio processor and the caps are isolated to avoid signal interference. And finally, we arrive at the rear panel for all the connectivity and that rear I o shield that is pre-attached. So in this area, we get the four USB two ports HDMI and DisplayPort USB 3.2 Gen two by two type C and USB 3.2 Gen one Taipei 2.5 gig Ethernet with two USB 3.2 Gen one ports two antennas for the 802 11x or the Wi-Fi six a and only 7.1 audio jacks with optical out as there is a lot of USB connectivity there is either USB two or USB 3.2 Gen one which is a bit of a disappointment even if we just had one extra Gen two that would be better.

Intel’s 11th Gen

Well, they are it that is the motor As far as micro at exports goes and under the umbrella of Intel’s 11th Gen. This is a decent board, which offers the basics at an affordable price point it comes in with PCI Express for as long as you do have that rocket Lake CPU, and that therefore serves the graphics card and the M dot two storage, it may not have the Thunderbolt four on that back panel. We have seen on some of these that 590 boards, but it does have USB 3.2 Gen two by two, as well as Wi-Fi 60 and 2.5 gig Ethernet and in terms of the overclocking ability of Malta, we were able to hit five gig on all cores of an 11 900k.

stability for CPU

There isn’t a lot of headroom with the 11 900k when you set an all-core to overclock, and our chip can do 5.3 but it isn’t quite stable five gigs is the point of stability for CPU, and we manage this with just 1.35 volts, which is a decent achievement when you think that others I’d 590s hit the same results. There are a few cutbacks with this bond, it’s a shame that we’ve got so many USB two instead of 3.2.

Obviously, 3.2 that we’ve got that pretty much all Gen one, there are a few features missing as well, which not everyone needs, clear CMOS buttons, the power reset buttons which are on board, and of course RGB lighting, but without those things, it means that we’re getting a much more affordable option. So guys, if you want to see how this board here performs, check out our web review, which will be on the screen and in the description. The link for that. It’s good to have all the benchmarks and as I showed earlier, this board here has a solid chipset and VRM cooling.

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