How To Build The Perfect Gaming PC A Complete Guide

Build perfect gaming PC-The Ultimate Guide to help you build gaming pc

Tips build perfect gaming PC on a budget. There are many things to consider when building a gaming PC. You need to start with the right components and make sure that your parts complement one another. The processor is a crucial part of a computer because it handles all of the calculations that you do on your computer. It also controls how fast data flows through your system. For the best performance possible, you should.

Why should you build a gaming pc

The build perfect gaming PC is the one that fits your needs. If you’re looking for a new computer to play games on, there are plenty of things to consider. To build the perfect gaming PC, you need to choose the right hardware and software components.

When it comes to gaming, the most important part of your system is the video card. It is what processes all of the information and spits out a picture on your screen. The rest of the components don’t matter unless you have a good video card. Make sure to get an NVidia or AMD graphics card, not Intel because they are meant for laptops and workstations and will not fit in most towers.

The PC has always been the go-to platform for gaming. It has remained this way by constantly evolving to accommodate the latest in technology. By building your own PC, you can ensure your machine is suited exactly to your needs and wants, rather than buying a pre-built model that will perform worse due to budget constraints or inefficiencies.

This article will give you a step-by-step guide on how to build the perfect gaming PC.

If you want to enjoy fast frame rates, and slick graphics without having to pay an arm and a leg for it, building your own PC is the way to go. Nowadays there are so many parts out there that can be used. The main thing is just knowing where to start. This guide will help you get started!

Building a gaming PC is an exciting venture, but it can be quite daunting for those who don’t know what they’re doing. However, your time and money will be well spent with the right information and the right parts.

How To Build The Perfect Gaming PC. 

Choosing ports for your brand new gaming computer should be an incredibly exciting time should be 2021 is a bit of a weird one, though, with bigger and faster graphics cards. But if your processes and games are more demanding, and more buggy. than ever before, rest assured, however, that in this article, I’m going to you through all of my quick tips to help you get the most out of your money and get the gaming PC. That’s right for you. Forget about all of the noise.

We’re all different, and we need to get the parts that make sense for us. And nobody else. I don’t think I could make this blog without addressing all of the stock issues that people are having. The price increases actually things getting held up at import now. It is sort of a nightmare. It’s the best and worst time to buy PC components. But things will get better. And like pretty much everything in this business. Always do your shopping with your head, not your heart because it’s very easy to rush into things but in the long run, there’s not really a great strategy.

Graphics cards help you build perfect gaming PC

Are you after a killer new graphics card that doesn’t break the bank gigabytes gaming PC graphics cards are the answers to your prayers get next-generation performance with Nvidia RTX ray tracing super smooth gameplay in the latest titles and class 2.0 technology for sky-high frame rates stay cool and quiet with a triple fan design whilst enjoying mouthwatering clock speeds straight out the box up the ante with gigabyte?


pc for gaming

The best gaming PC is the one you build yourself

If you’re thinking about buying a gaming PC. The first one is what’s your budget. But the second and arguably even more important is what games are you actually wanting to play on this thing. These two questions are going to define your entire computer build as you’re going to be able to sculpt your PC, around the things that will actually spend its time computing. If you play games like Dota smite or maybe civilization. Then you won’t need anywhere near as much horsepower as say a maxed-out cyberpunk rig. You also need to ask yourself whether this computer is going to be used for anything other than gaming.

build perfect gaming PC for streaming

Are you going to be doing some workloads on it maybe some streaming or do you have any special and more specific needs, a workstation will likely need more RAM and CPU power, a streaming den will need multiple monitors and then a living room PC will probably want to be on the smaller side.

Bearing in mind all of these things, you then bring your budget back into the equation and ask yourself how much you can realistically spend on a gaming PC. It’s very important, to be honest with yourself at this stage and set your expectations as the more demanding the game, the more you’re going to have to spend on the computer to get it looking and feeling its absolute best. A fantastic way to control the cost a little bit and bring the whole price down is to actually look at getting a lower resolution monitor as this will save yourself some money on the screen itself.

Choose the best graphics card for your money

you won’t need as much graphics card horsepower to actually drive it in the first place. Games like Warzone play their absolute best when running over 100 frames a second. But you’re going to need a beefy graphics card and then a specialist display to properly utilize this, but they don’t have to be expensive. There is an AOC monitor that costs around about 200 pounds, gives or takes. And this is going to maximize your chances of winning the games. Even if your pockets aren’t particularly deep at the moment.

I think that 144 hertz Quad HD is probably going to be the sweet spot for most people at the moment, as it’s sharper than the full HD 10 ATP that you’ve probably been using. But then you get all of the benefits of higher refresh rates without being too difficult to drive. With this all in mind, you can then move on to the components. And no don’t start looking at things like cases, RGB fans, none of that.

How to overclock your CPU and GPU

The most important thing to look at is the CPU and the GPU, the processor, and the graphics card. Because you see these are the two pieces of the puzzle that are going to directly determine your outright gaming experience. And they should always be chosen first, your graphics chip is the most important of the two. And most of your budget will probably want to be allocated here.

AMD and Nvidia both have compelling offerings at the moment and the best GPU doesn’t really exist. Just make sure that you do pick something that can play the games that you actually want to play and the settings and resolutions that you’re looking for. I do loads of graphics card reviews plenty for PC builds from start to finish. All of them show benchmarks. So if you do need a little bit more help choosing a graphics card, then you can find all of this information on the end. But don’t be fooled into thinking that all cards are created equally though because they’re just not one RX 600 is not going to be the same as the next as well.

The raw GPU performance should be roughly the same. The different cooling solutions and factory clock speeds will mean that the temperatures overclocking potential and noise levels will vary considerably. As always, it’s all about balance. The Zotac twin edge RTX 3070 that I tested a couple of months ago was cheaper but it was just too noisy. Whereas the RTX 3060 Ti Strix edition. this card was fantastic. Arguably one of the best in the business, but it was priced so expensive that it just should not be bought.

Think about your processor.

AMD Ryzen desktop processor

pc for gamingAnd again, there’s no best option as well. Intel is definitely not the champion it used to be. They still offer amazing gaming CPUs, and some of them will offer better value for money than a Ryzen chip. It’ll all change from game to game. But as a general rule, a budget gaming PC needs a four-core chip, a mid-range six, and then a luxury battle station. You’re probably looking at eight or more. Just know that lower resolution high framerate gaming is actually very CPU intensive. So don’t go thinking that a 10 AGP 240 hertz monitor is in the budget category. Because it really isn’t once you’ve decided on the processor.

Next up is the motherboard.

Oh, I love motherboards there’s so much fun. To be fair, I do quite like motherboards these days. They are quite fun. The good thing is that assuming you’ve chosen your CPU already, this bit is pretty easy. To be honest, as we gamers don’t need much Wi-Fi support is critical if you don’t have a wired connection. Overclocking support is very handy if you want to get the most out of your CPU and the RAM.

MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Motherboard

pc for gaming

But otherwise, there’s not really any extra functionality that most of us really need. You’ve got three main sizes to choose from it x micro Tx and then mini ITX x in 2021, you’re probably looking at a Z 590 motherboard for an Intel chip and then a B 550 Ryzen.

Both of these will support a PCIe generation four SSD

which is a great addition. If you have a little bit extra cash to spend on a future-proof blazing fast SSD. But it’s by no means essential. Just be aware that the Z490 motherboard and then B550s won’t necessarily support the newest CPUs from Intel and AMD respectively. They probably won’t work out the box, and the reason for this is that the BIOS the basic input and output system is only as new as when it was manufactured.

AMD Ryzen Processors Motherboard

pc for gaming

And if the chips weren’t around, then obviously they won’t support them. The solution to this problem though is pretty simple. You’re after a motherboard that supports a USB BIOS flashing, which is that you can actually update your motherboard to support the latest generation chips without needing an older generation CPU which let’s be honest, most of us just don’t have on hand. There you go then got all of that. Definitely a little bit more complex than a console. But here comes the absolute best bit choosing the look of your gaming PC, something you can’t do on console. Now your core components are all sorted, the rest is down to personal taste.

Choose the right case for your hardware

There really are so many slick-looking cases out there, just pick one that matches your style.

How to build the perfect gaming PCbest pc for gamingMemory or RAM

then has enough airflow to match a build the memory or RAM is pretty easy. You’re going to want to invest in a 16-gigabyte kit that runs at least 30 to 100 megahertz to get the best experience. And the beauty of this is that it is an incredibly easy upgrade to do in the future. If you need more capacity or just want to save a little bit of money upfront calling is a very similar story as an easy upgrade to make.

Computer Desktop Memory Ram pc for gaming

Advice about customizing your case and cooling system.

Cooler Master MasterLiquid.

If you have a stock cooler, you can pick between air and water cooling, with air being much cheaper these days. But water cooling arguably does look a lot better. And in some cases, it will perform better to boot. So the choice is entirely yours.

Cooler Master Master Liquid RGB

pc for gaming


Storage in computer

Make sure that you get enough storage to actually fit all of the games that you want to fit on the drive. 500 gigabytes is usually fine for a starter PC, but one terabyte or more is probably preferred. There’s not that much point going for SATA unless you can get a very cheap drive. I would always go for NVMe these days PCIe generation four is worth considering. But if you’re trying to save money or you just don’t have a big budget,

power supply

This is one of the first things I’d probably drop down on a power supply meanwhile, is definitely essential. And please,  please don’t go buying a super cheap power supply.

Corsair RMX Series power supply

pc for gaming

As in some cases, it genuinely might explode. Really not a mistake you want to make. Instead, work out exactly how much wattage you need with a PSU calculator at all, and then buy from a respectable brand. It is okay to spend more on these things. But remember that this won’t directly affect your frame rates so do be aware of diminishing returns.

you can purchase an official Windows license that will activate your PC

 how to build the perfect gaming PC

And then finally, don’t forget that you do need to actually factor in a copy of Windows it’s a Windows machine after all. If you don’t already have one you can transfer it from an older computer. You will need to buy a new license it’s completely free. At first, you’re going to have to activate it so if you do want to check out current pricing on Windows or get any of the parts that have been featured. In this Article then you can check them out with my Amazon affiliate links listed down below.

That’s a cool phrase not sure if it makes sense but I’m going to leave it in regardless if you’ve enjoyed this article it honestly helps us so much. If you need some more help choosing out gaming PC Parts  There you go free PC gaming advice. And of course, while you’re down there,

don’t forget to check out gigabytes gaming PC graphics cards available in a wide range of GPUs. This triple fan WinForms cooler has you covered is a card that’s not only able to deliver next-generation visuals and frame rates but one that’s able to stay cool and quiet under full load. Give your PC the love it deserves would gigabyte gaming PC level up your experience with that link down below. Thank you so much for checking it out. I really appreciate it I’ll see you next.

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