improve cable management for PC and desk

How to improve cable management for PC and desk

There are five basic ways to improve your cable management for PC and desk cables.
 cable management for PC

Hide the power strip and plug. Collect the wires and tie them together. Shorten the cable length. Replace unused cables. Identify the wires.

Apply These 5 Techniques Organize Cables to Improve Power Cable for Pc ‍and desk.

You can group desk cable management in five basic ways.

  1. Hide the power strip and plug.
  2. Collect the wires and tie them together.
  3. Shorten the cable length.
  4. Replace unused cables.
  5. Identify the wires.
  1. Hide the Power Strip and Plugs

You should use a geyser protector, but the resulting mess is an eye strain. You need to do this first to start managing your desk.
The simplest cable management idea is to create a DIY box for the power strip from any box lying at home. If you make a basic box and stick with it, just drill holes on both sides, and so that the plug wires attached to the power strip can come out from both sides.

USB Power Strip by Ceptics Small & Compact  Size USB-C and Input – Powerful USB cable management for PC or desk.

cable management for PC

Collect and Tie Cables Together

Let’s deal with the countless loose ropes hanging around on your deck or anywhere else where the wires are in isolation.
Start by identifying where the cords are permanently or have been or maybe for a long time. Collect them together and bundle those cables to manage the desk.

The best way cable management You can use zip ties

A pack of 100 zip ties costs just 5 5 on Amazon, you can take anyone’s tie and start zipping the wires all over your house. Make sure all your wires are clearly separated? then zip them together. Add a zip tie to multiple points. In most cases, the power strip is neat to the desk and PC. Protect Cables with a Tie A zip tie also works great for arranging cables inside a desktop PC.

However, there are some advantages and disadvantages to the zip relationship.
cable management for PC

Pulling a wire from a zip tie means knitting the zip tie. So don’t do it. Zip ties are much cheaper now, you can make all the wires and cables into multiple bunches. This way, you can attach the rope collection by removing it. When there are many bonds, you will see for yourself that the idea of ​​ cable management for PC has come to your mind.

  1. Shorten the cable length

Power strip box or zip-type simplifies under-desk management. But having all the cables under one desk is a problem. However, you can use some wireless as an alternative.
A DIY cable one can make. Where DIY can be done free and that is Cablebone from Instructors. If you do not want to do this, you can sew the loop method or crochet chain.

  1. Replace unused cables

There are some devices that you have to keep on, but not always. Such as your phone or charger,
This type of device cannot be plugged in. Because it adds chaos, you can put it somewhere else. Your phone or tablet charger becomes entangled with other wires. A good desk cable management for PC is that these unused cables should be arranged or moved in one place.
You can buy some cases or containers to make your desk more beautiful. You can buy a multi-function desk stationery organizer storage box pen/pencil, cell phone, business name card remote control holder, USB flash drive case, pen holder for desk, etc.

 cable management for PC

5. Identify the cable or wires

Make sure all your wires are neatly arranged. When you get rid of clutter you can easily identify small problems.
However, it is now seen that many people use bread clips. You can also use bread clips for cable management if you want. However, it does not work for thick wires and is not durable. Still, it is free and easy to do. The most important thing is to try to keep your workplace tidy. Sometimes you just have to clean. You should also look at other aspects of your work setup. Such as the height of your chair and desk etc. Even the light on your desk can affect how well you work. If you want to improve your work skills, you must make your desk more beautiful.

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